Module 4510/4520


■ Ultimate size to feature ratio

■ Automatically transfers between mains (utility) and generator(4520 only)

■ Hours counter provides accurate information for monitoring and maintenance periods

■ User-friendly set-up and button layout for ease of use

■ Multiple parameters are monitored simultaneously which are clearly displayed on the

largest back-lit icon display in its class

■ The module can be configured to suit a wide range of applications

■ Uses DSE Configuration Suite PC Software for simplified configuration

■ Compatible with a wide range of CAN engines

■ Licence-free PC software

■ IP65 rating (with optional gasket) offers increased resistance to water ingress


■ Alternator frequency & CAN speed sensing in one variant

■ Largest back-lit icon display in its class

■ Heated display option

■ Real time clock provides accurate event logging

■ Fully configurable via the fascia or PC using USB communication

■ Extremely efficient power save mode

■ 3 phase generator sensing

■ 3 phase mains (utility) sensing(4520 only)

■ Compatible with 600 V ph to ph nominal systems

■ Generator/load power monitoring (kW, kV A, kV Ar, pf)

■ Accumulated power monitoring (kW h, kVA h, kVAr h)

■ Generator overload protection (kW)

■ Generator/load current monitoring and protection

■ Fuel and start outputs (configurable when using CAN)

■ 4 configurable DC outputs (2 for 4510)

■ 3 configurable analogue/digital inputs

■ 4 configurable digital inputs

■ Configurable staged loading outputs

■ 3 engine maintainance alarms

■ Engine speed protection

■ Engine hours counter

■ Engine pre-heat

■ Engine run-time scheduler

■ Engine idle control for starting & stopping

■ Battery voltage monitoring

■ Start on low battery voltage

■ Configurable remote start input

■ 1 alternative configuration

■ Comprehensive warning,electrical trip or shutdown protection upon fault condition

■ LCD alarm indication

■ Event log (50)

User Manual:

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